A Day in the Life of a Bridge House Brat

7:30AM     Wait on Customers & Boaters

8:30AM     Street and park walk to pick up garbage

9:30AM     Water all flowers in park and downtown

10:00AM   Exercise program and mentoring games

8:30-1:30 Waiters

When Needed

Walk Dogs

Clean Windows

Greet Boaters


Clean Museum

Empty Garbage Cans

Give Tours

Clean State Street

Wash Boats

*Go On errand's for boaters when needed

Mission Statement
Bridge House Brats
Oswego Canal; Lock 1

We will, by the effective use of the resources available to us, enhance the quality of life of all who participate in and or take advantage of our efforts.

We will develop an ongoing program for the youth of the area that teaches the concept of service, co-operative work effort and individual growth. We will offer diverse hospitality services to tourists and town folks in an effort to increase business for our local stores and restaurants. We will create and maintain a bridge house museum for all to enjoy our heritage. We will host events for community growth and entertainment. We will work to keep streets, the canal and pathways clean and healthy. We will serve our village officials in any capacity when called upon

Besides the many guest from all over the Northeast, the Bridge House Brats played host to visitors from these faraway places (as recorded in our guest register)

Virginia, Niagara Falls, North Carolina, Arizona, Tennessee
Canada, The Netherlands, France, California, Oregon, Florida, Texas, Maryland, Connecticut, Brazil, England, Michigan, Australia, Norway,, Switzerland, British ColumbiaT


We are a group of local volunteer kids who help make our community better. We serve food from our local restaurants to boaters and anyone who wants to come join us from land. We host events throughout the summer for all to enjoy and we keep our streets clean and filled full of fresh flowers. Come join us down on the canal, sit on the dock and enjoy Music and some of Phoenix's finest local foods!


Use of 3 wheel trikes
Pump Out
Museum tour

Brats will pick up ice
Brats will clean boats
Brats will walk your dog
Will arrange rides to local stores

Bridge House Brats