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                                             The Bridgehouse Brats
      The river ripple soft and slow, as seagulls bask, at  mornings` break
         The harbor lies in quiet stead, amid the flow of water` wake
        Across the scene, the seaboats  sail ,bedecked in sailor finery,
        The flags flow blissfully in flight: unfettered sails, of  symmetry
        The tables line the river walk like grand old soldiers, waiting time
      The Brats are there ,to welcome all, who’re come to see Phoenicians shine ,
        No task of food ,or supplement, is lost to children there to give
        They are the future of our time  and this is their beginning bliss
        A cup of “Joe” is served just so with a breakfast hot and good
as children learn the way to thrire the way that children should
       There are no hours to make amends for the children gone away
       but with cathy there and Carole too ,these lives will fly
    The Bridgehouse Brats will make their mark in the years that will abide
        and they will be remembered for their touch of civic pride
                                        Jim Johst

Golf or mini-golf to support special needs playground


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                         Boy Scout Tour of the Oswego River Aug 20 2011

                                          More Pictures with  the Brats
Cruise the past,    Camp Talooli

Nelson builds and navigates

Canal Corp Director Brian Stratton and CANAL NY Exec Director
JJ Johnston with some Bridge House Brats in Phoenix NY

By: Iris St. Meran

If a person acts like a brat, it's not typically a good thing. But a group of kids in Phoenix are changing the way their community
feels about Brats. They're the Bridge House Brats and they're serving their community by cleaning and welcoming boaters,
among other things. Our Iris St. Meran tells us why it's cool to be a brat, at least in Phoenix.

Bridge House Brats on the New York Waterway.

Bridge House Brats

Watch the  Bridge House Brats  Canal New York 

Fishing and fitness fun with support from AmeriCorps

                                                                      2012 Summer Picture's of the Brats

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                                                            The Bridge House Brats met with the New Director of the Canal Brian Stratton.
                            Director Stratton also met with Mayor
Anthony Fratto of Phoenix NY and his staff to go over the Canals Corp involvement with the
                                                                     Bridge House Brats and the Village of Phoenix NY in the future
Director Stratton also met with Mayor Frato
                                     The Bridge House Brats invite you to enjoy a
                                        20 Minute Vacation in downtown Phoenix NY 
                                          Spend the time of your life next to the Oswego River watching     
                                              the same boats you would travel 100s of mile to see

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Urger on the Oswego River
Posted on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 6:56PM

The Tug Urger is on its way to Oswego for Harborfest. She is the oldest state vessel operating on New York's waterways. It now functions as a floating museum and a classroom for school children.
            Picture Above is  Harald Solfjeld Captain  of SS-Ilanga   leaving  the Phoenix Bridge House Brats  -Lock 1 Oswego River
                                             Captain Harald is going round the World  read about his trip
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We would like to welcome any and all boaters to come visit our Bridge House museum, located in the center of Phoenix, New York, at Henley Park, on the Oswego River next to Lock One. Here we have made a place for boaters to come and stay.
The kids that work in the park are called the "BridgeHouse Brats". They maintain the park and its historical museum all summer long, keeping both the park and museum clean, operational, and safe.

The Bridge House hours are from 7am to 4pm on Monday through Thursday and from 7am to 8pm on Fridays and 7am to 3pm Saturday during the months of June, July and August. Closed Sundays.

Free lemonade and coffee are served every day to all. We are at your service from 7 in the morning until 4 at night, to run errands or serve you dockside.
You are welcome to order from any of the restaurants here in Phoenix. You simply order from the menus and one of the "brats" will phone in the order, and gladly bring it straight to your table or boat. On Friday and Saturday nights, you can purchase some of the best pie in town. We also serve Ice Cream Sundaes.

The summer of 2014 promises to be a busy one. We have assembled a tentative schedule of events for the year. One of the summer's highlights promises to be a fabulous fireworks display scheduled for Friday, June 27, sponsored by local businesses.

Last year's display brought several thousand people from all over New York to Henley Park here in Phoenix. Admission is free, and meals will be served on that night until 7pm

                                                                              Mission Statement:
  To build the quality of life in Phoenix and in Town. To increase the economic growth of the area as well as provide a felling of community for Phoenix, Town of Schroeppel, and Phoenix Central School district.

                To serve all tourists that visit our canal site, to offer hospitality to tourists and townsfolk, to increase business for all local stores and restaurants. To give information that is needed to maintain and create a Bridge House Museum for all to see our heritage. To host on going events for community growth. To keep our downtown streets, island and pathways clean and healthy. To help our village officials offer hospitality to all.
The Phoenix Bridge House offers a variety of services.

Boaters' Services
    * Wash your boat - Free
    * Docking - Free
    * Watch your boat while away and we're open - Free
    * Deliver Dockside Meals - Served at no extra cost
    * Run local errands - Free
    * Museum tours - Free
    * Walk your friendly dog - Free
    * Pick up groceries - Free
    * Waste Dumping - Free
    * Rest Rooms - Free
    * Rides to local stores - Free
    * Water connection - Free
    * Electricity (110 volt 15amp & 2 30amp lines) - Free
    * Local Phone calls - Free
    * Telephone line for Modem connection - Free (time limited)
    * WiFi 802.11g Wireless Internet Server - Free
    * Three-Wheeled Basket Bikes - Free Rental

Souvenier and Information Kiosk
Henley Park Services

    * Weddings - Catering Available
    * Meeting Place
    * Family Reunions

Village Services

    * Ice machines
    * Laundromat
    * Grocery Store
    * Beautician Services (hair, nails, tanning)
    * Marine Supplies
    * Baking Services
    * Embroidery Services
    * Gas by cans
    * Great Food
    * Baseball Bob's Ice Cream
    * Customized Decals
    * Bingo on Monday nights at the fire hall
    * Medicine Shoppe
    * Ultimate Coffee Shop


Picture By

Picture by John Shaben --Phoenix NY


                            May 29-31 Memorial Day Weekend at VFW



                                                Boy Scout Tour of the Oswego River Aug 20 2011      
          Local Phoenix Supporter  

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